Ph.D in Social Studies Education

First Semester

Course Code Course Title                                       Credit Units


EDU 801         Advanced Statistical Methods in

Education                                                        3

EDU 803         Contemporary Issues in Curriculum               3

ECT 841          Trends, theory and Practice in

Social Studies Research                                  3


ECT 843          The Social Studies Curriculum                       2

ECT 845          Special Topics in social studies                       2

Total:                                                                                      11

Second Semester

Course Code Course Title                                       Credit Units


EDU 802         Advanced Research Methods in Education 3

EDU 804         Seminar                                                           3

ECT 842          Evaluation Procedures in Social Studies        3


ECT 844          Methods and Resources in Social

Studies Instruction                                          2

ECT 846          Emerging Roles & Responsibilities

of the family In the 21st century                    2

Total:                                                                                      11



EDU 801: Advanced Statistical Methods in Education 3

This course deals with special statistical techniques at a higher level, especially, computer data analysis SPSS, SAS, Multivariate analysis, two way analysis of variance, etc. The course is expected to equip students with analytical skills which are needed in their research work.

ECT 841 Trends and Theory in Social Studies Education Research – 3

This course shall explore developmental trends emanating from social studies education research from past decades to present and also look into the future of the subject in the Nigerian context. The course shall be a critical study of contrasting approaches to social studies and findings of research on the teaching process. The relationship between theory and research in social studies shall be critically and examined students shall develop their research designs in identified areas of interests.


ECT 842 Evaluation Procedures in Social Studies – 3

The nature and use of evaluation; relationships between evaluation and educational objectives of social studies; – formative: helping the developer of programmes or products eg. Curricular, books, television programmes for children, school programmes in secondary schools etc.

  • summative: Evaluating the overall programme after it is in operation
  • diagnostic: In social studies it helps to identify societal problems and proffering solution.

Techniques of evaluation include: testing which is made up of achievement, test construction, bias in testing, culture force test, pre-test procedures, etc.

ECT 843 The Social Studies Curriculum – 2

This course shall critically review the social studies curriculum and its development in the primary and secondary school level with a view to determining its relevance and adequacy in meeting national needs like eradication of corruption and other societal vices and addressing the values of democracy, economic and agricultural self sufficiency etc. The course shall also conduct a critical review of social studies curriculum and its development considering contemporary problems encountered and workable solutions to them. Some of these include the non-inclusion of topics like HIV/AIDS, ethnicity and population issues.


ECT 844: Methods and Resources for Social Studies Instruction -2

The course shall deal with criteria for selecting methods and activities, problem solving as the major method in social studies; independent inquiry and related skills; instructional media; basic guidelines; selection of materials; effective use, sources of information on instructional materials, community resources and audio-visual materials.


ECT 845 Special Topics in Social Studies – 2

This course shall cover areas around the nation’s educational objectives in social studies. Special emphasis would be placed on the five national goals, which have been endorsed as the necessary foundation of the National Policy on Education. These include building of a:

  • A free and democratic society
  • A just and egalitarian society
  • A united, strong and self reliance nation
  • A great and dynamic economic
  • A land full of bright opportunities for all citizens


ECT 846 Emerging Roles and Responsibilities of the Family in the 21st Century – 2

This course reviews family issues in social studies education. Some of these issues include:

  • Theories of family
  • Family and marriage
  • Family and information technology
  • Family and globalization.



1. Ass. Prof. Catherine Ashasim Reader English Education
2. Dr. Aweso O. Kayode Senior Lecturer Geography Edu & School Admin.
3. Dr. Chimwe A.M Reader English Language Education
4. Dr. S.I Akpama Senior Lecturer Philosophy/Guidance & Counselling
5. Mr. Garba Hassan D Lecturer I English Language Education
6. Mr. Gogo John Igba Lecturer I religion Education
7. Dr. S.A.E Apara Senior Lecturer Evaluation