Faculty of Education

ARTS AND SOCIAL SCIENCE EDUCATION offers professional Courses leading to the award of Masters of Education (M.Ed) degrees in the following specialist areas:

Language Education

Social Studies Education




The programme is for full time studies.



The philosophy and objectives of the higher degree programmes are based on those of the Nigerian National Policy on Education. Thus, there is the need to produce teachers who are academically and professionally competent as well as committed to the teaching profession.

This is geared towards laying a solid foundation for a genuine blue print for national developers. Hence, the programme courses are designed to produce curriculum developers and teaching specialists in the various subject areas. These experts will in turn provide knowledge at all levels of our educational system and the Ministry of Education, in the various subject areas.



  • The Department is under severe pressure from secondary and tertiary institution staff in Taraba State to undergo these M.Ed. Programmes as part of their manpower requirement.
  • Since Education is the most viable industry in Taraba State, quality of education depends on the quality of teachers, there is therefore need to train high level manpower for this sector of the economy.
  • The Department of Arts and Social Science Education needs to go into more rigorous research through the approach of introducing higher degree programmes.
  • Introduction of higher degree programmes in the department is also expedient in providing manpower for the Universal Basic Education (UBE).
  • The Department has sufficient and highly qualified staff, to man the programmes as the list attached shows.



M.Ed. Degree programme shall extend to four (4) semesters.

This shall be a full time programme.



To qualify for admission, applicants should possess the following:

  • A first degree in the relevant subject area from a recognized university with at least a second class honours.
  • An evidence of participation in NYSC or exemption thereof.
  • Not less than one year Post graduation experience in teaching or other related occupations.



  • Ed. Students shall be required to take a minimum of 36 credit units of which 6 credit units must be from thesis. The remaining will be distributed among core courses of the student’s choice among the prescribed courses under the area of specialization.
  • The students shall also audit at least two graduate level courses in other courses related to their fields of specialization. The grades from these courses will be used in computing the students’ CGPA. The students are required to pass them (with at least a C grade).



  • Each course/seminar shall be assessed on the basis of a written examination or research paper(s) or both.
  • Ed. candidates must maintain an overall C grade point average.



  • On completion of the dissertation, the candidate will be required to present himself/herself for an oral examination to defend his/her work.
  • A panel of examiners shall evaluate the draft dissertation submitted by the candidate and conduct oral examination.
  • The appointment of a panel of examiners, evaluation of a candidate’s work and submission of same to the appropriate authorities, shall be based on the regulations provided by the post graduate School from time to time.



The First and Second Semesters shall be devoted mainly to course work. Dissertation shall be undertaken in the Third Semester.