Postgraduate Diploma Courses

1st Semester Courses


Courses                                                                      Course Code  Units

Statistics                                                                     APGD 600      2

Physiology and Biochemistry of growth                    APGD 601      2

Ruminant & Non-Ruminant Nutrition                        APGD 602      2

Pasture and Range Management                                APGD 603      2

Principles of Poultry Swine & Rabbit Production      APGD 604      2

Veterinary Pathology                                                  APGD 605      2

Veterinary Parasitology & Entomology                      APGD 606      2

Veterinary Microbiology                                             APGD 607      1

Veterinary Pharmacology                                           APGD 608      2

Tropical Livestock and Poultry Disease                     APGD 609      2

Principles of Genetics                                                 APGD 610      2

Dairy & Beef Cattle Production                                 APGD 612      2

Basic Elements of Computerization                           APGD 626      2


2nd Semester Courses

Courses                                                                      Course Code  Units

Animal Products Technology                                     APGD 611      2

Sheep & Goat Production                                           APGD 613      2

Reproductive Physiology and Artificial

Insemination                                                               APGD 614     2

Nutritional Disease                                                     APGD 615      1

Meat and Hide Inspection                                          APGD 616      1

Zoonisis                                                                       APGD 617      1

Animal Nursing and First Aid                                                APGD 618      1

Veterinary (obstetrics) Theriogenology                      APGD 619      1

Clinical Practice                                                          APGD 620      3

Wild Life and Fisheries Management                         APGD 621      2

Nigeria Feeds and Feeding Stuffs                              APGD 622      1

Project Report                                                             APGD 623      4

Experimental Designs                                                 APGD 624      2

Applied Animal Breeding                                           APGD 625      2

Principles of Swine & Equine Production                  APGD 627      2

All courses are compulsory




APGD 600 Statistics

Review of scientific methods and statistical concepts. Samples and Sampling Procedure. Measures of central tendency and dispersion. Introduction to analysis of variance.


APGD 601 Physiology & Biochemistry of Growth

Principles of growth, measurements of growth and body composition, nutritional and other factors influencing pre and post-natal growth in farm animals. Biochemical, histological, anatomical and physical factors associated with transformation of muscle cell into meat.


APGD 602 Ruminant And Non-Ruminant Nutrition

Digestive tracts of ruminant and non- ruminant animals. Utilization of agro-industrial by-products in ruminant and non- ruminant animal nutrition. Metabolism and nutritional requirements of ruminant and non- ruminant animals including practical ration formulation and feed microscopy and digestibility studies.


APGD 603 Pasture and Range Management

Distribution, classification, identification and utilization of grasses, legumes, weeds and toxic plants in pastures and range land. Cultivation and management of important pastures and fodder crops. Yield and nutritive evaluation of tropical pastures. Grazing systems, pasture and range productivity.


APGD 604 Principles of Poultry, Swine and Rabbit Production

Status of poultry, swine and rabbit production and products in Nigeria and their comparison with other advanced countries. Choice of breeds. Their production cycles and management


APGD 605 Veterinary Pathology

Definition of terms; concept of disease, types of Pathology, cell injury and cell death, Mineral depositions, Haematogenous pigments; kidney functions, Disturbances in cellular growth, Carbohydrate metabolism and Pancreatic functions, Neoclassic, Disturbances in circulation, Inflammation; Clinical Pathology.


APGD 606 Veterinary Parasitology & Entomology


  • Trematodes

Monogenea:- Dactylocgyrus, Dicocotyle; Diplozoon.

Digenea:- Dicrocoelium; Iteterophyes; Opisthorchis; etc.

  • CESTODES: (e.g. Monieza; Avitellinia, Stilezia, etc.)
  • NEMATODES: (e.g. Ascaris; Toxocara, Haematosia, etc). Entomology: (e.g. Musca, Stromoxys, Haematosia, etc).
  • Protozoa (e.g. Trypanosoma, Leishmania: Trichomonas etc.)



APGD 607 Veterinary Microbiology

Definitions, classes of microorganisms. Types of microorganism (Pathogenic, Symbiotic and commensal). Basic structure and mode of bacterial reproduction. Bacterial growth. Media required for bacterial growth (simple media enriched media, selective media etc). Sensitivity Test. Significance of Toxic production. Bacteria and Disease, Principle of immunity.


APGD 608 Veterinary Pharmacology

Definitions, Drug standards and regulations, mechanism of drug action and fate of drugs in body. Drugs acting on nervous system (including anaesthesia), cardiovascular, Digestive skin, etc. chemotherapy of microbial, fungal, viral, parasitic diseases. Veterinary toxicology. Poisons causing respiratory, nervous cardiovascular problems etc.




APGD 609 Tropical Livestock and Poultry Diseases

Livestock Parasitic gastroenteritis complex of Ruminants, Haemoparasitism; Fluke infections in Ruminants, Clostridia diseases, Anthrax, Tuberculosis, Porucellosis, Rinderpest, CEPP, Foot- and Mouth disease, Dermatophilosis, Tick infestation Bovine udder disease.


Blood parasite, Helminthiasis, Coccidiosis, Colibacillosis, Fowl cholera, Infectious bursal disease, chronic respiratory disease, Newcastle disease, Pullorum disease, Fowl typhoid, Tuberculosis; Botulism, Ectoparasitism, Fowl pox, cannibalism.


APGD 610 Principles of Genetics

Concepts from Mendelian laws. Multiple alleles, lethal genes, dominance and non-dominance. Sex linkage, sex-limited, and sex-influenced inheritance, over dominance.


APDG 611 Animal Products Technology

Chemical, biochemical and physical properties of animal products such as Egg, meat, milk, hides & skin and wool and other by-products such as blood, bone, feathers and viscera. Nutritional value of animal products. Processing Operations for eggs, meat, milk, hides & skin and wool. Handling and marketing of animal products. Quality control principles in the processing of animal products.


APGD 612 Dairy and Beef Cattle Products

Classification, distribution and characteristics of breeds of cattle in Nigeria. The dairy & beef industries. Herd establishment. Feeding, housing breeding & health management. Principles of milk production, animal growth and development. The cow-calf, growing and finishing operations. Management of calves, replacement heifers, cows and bulls. Marketing and processing of beef and dairy products.


APGD 613 Sheep and Goats Production

Classification, Description and characteristics of the various breeds found in Nigeria, Africa and other tropical countries. Economic importance. Special attributes. Improvement through breeding and selection. Breeding and reproduction. Care and Management pregnant, young and adult animals’ nutrition. Health and disease. Housing and equipment. Wool and milk production. Management routine including identification, castration, docking, shearing and record keeping. Marketing and Transportation.


APGD 614 Reproductive Physiology and Artificial Insemination

The reproductive systems in male and female animals. Physiology of the sperm and ovum. Pregnancy and foetal development, fertility and sterility of farm animals. Principles and current techniques for improving reproductive efficiency –artificial insemination and embryo transfer, their advantages and disadvantage.


APGD 615 Nutritional Diseases

Deficiencies of Energy and Protein, Diseases caused by deficiencies of mineral nutrients; Diseases caused by deficiencies of fat soluble vitamins, Diseases caused by deficiencies of water soluble vitamins, Metabolic diseases.

APGD 616 Meat and Hide Inspection

Examination of animals prior to sale; Ante mortem inspection, Postmortem inspection-Head, Viscera and carcass; condemnations General, Local, Special consideration: Management and Hygiene, Detection of unwholesome meat Abattoir .


APGD 617 Zoonoses

Definitions of Zoonosis, Types of zoonoses; Bacterial Zoonoses, Viral Zoonoses, Parasitic Zoonoses, Protozoan Zoonoses


APGD 618 Animal Nursing and First Aid

Animal Handling-Restraint to divert attention, Restraint to prevent kicking; Restraint for leading, Restraint for casting, Restraint for surgical procedures. First Aid-Wound dressing Fluid their copy management of diseased animals.


APGD 619 Veterinary Obstetrics (Theriogenology)

Definition of terms, Presentation of foetus, Gestation and factors affecting gestation Parturition, Dyestocia, Examination of the Reproductive System (Male and Female). Rectal palpation (Pregnancy diagnosis). Infertility (Male & Female).


APGD 620 Clinical Practice

Physical examination of animals temperature, Pulse, Respiration, viscera, e.t.c. Making a diagnosis, Principles of antimicrobial therapy, Antimicrobial drugs, Emergency procedure Field exposures, sampling, ecology, Disposal of dead.


APGD 621 Wildlife and Fisheries Management

Game production, harvesting strategies and problems of game cropping “bush meat” processing methods, traditional uses of game and game products; hunting techniques; game ranching and domestication; growth , behaviour and production of animals in captivity; habit and food preferences. Design of pad locks, animal houses and cages. Husbandry techniques and health care in captivity. Aqua culture, types of fish and fish nutrition, fisheries ecology. River and lake fisheries management. Marine fisheries management, fish processing and utilization.


APGD 622 Nigerian Feeds and Feeding Stuffs

Importance of feeds in livestock and poultry production. Classification of feeds and feedstuffs. Proximate analysis. Detergent method of forage analysis. Feeds and feedstuffs chemical composition, processing and detoxification. Feeds for various classes of livestock. Milling and mixing of feeds. Quality control.


APGD 623 Project Report

The Project report shall be in any of the following areas of specialization

Animal Breeding and Genetics

  • Ruminant Nutrition
  • Monogastric Nutrition
  • Animal Production and Management
  • Animal Health and Microbiology
  • Reproductive Physiology and Artificial Insemination
  • Animal Products Technology
  • Pasture and Range Production

APGD 624 Experimental Design

Hypothesis Testing. Test of significance. Analysis of variance, mean separation, Regression and correlation x2 contingency tests. Experimental designs, completely randomized block, Latin squares, split plot; factorial experiments.


APGD 625 Applied Animal Breeding

Introduction to population and quantitative genetics (qualitative and quantitative characters). Repeatability, heritability and uses. Selection and selection response. Methods and types of selection. Selection index, crossbreeding heterosis inbreeding, inbreeding coefficient and coefficient of relationship. Breeding plans for livestock.


APGD 626 Basic Elements f Computerization

Overview of computer uses, parts, characteristics and types; management of files & disks; windows environment; introductions to application software-word processor, spreadsheets, graphics; introduction to internet browsing; computer viruses-meaning, types and treatment.


APGD 627 Principles of Swine and Equine Production

Comparative anatomy and Physiology of the digestive tracts of swine and horses. Principles of housing, management practices and nutrition unique to swine and horses; including utilization of agro-industrial by-products.



  1. M.S Yahaya
  2. Kibon A.
  3. C. Akosim
  4. H.Y. Aliyara
  5. Jude Ubua Ababekong
  6. Yakubu Bobboi
  7. Toma F. Mbaihi