Post_Graduate Diploma in Agricultural Economics & Extension

Course Code Revised Course Title Units
PGDAEE-401 Project 4
PGDAEE-402 Advanced Micro-Economics Analysis 3
PGDAEE-403 Advanced Macro-Economics Analysis 3
PGDAEE-404 Advanced Agricultural Finance 3
PGDAEE-405 Advanced Agricultural Marketing 3
PGDAEE-406 Gender Issues in Agriculture 3
PGDAEE-407 Sociology of Rural Life 3
PGDAEE-408 Data Processing & Research 3
PGDAEE-409 Diffusion of Agricultural Technology 3
PGDAEE-410 Math. Appl. Econometrics Principles in Agric. Research 3
PGDAEE-411 Agric. Extension Technology for Integrated Rural Development 3
PGDAEE-412 Agric. Accounting & Record Keeping 3
PGDAEE-413 Agric. Project & Feasibility Analysis 3
PGDAEE-414 Computer Application in Agriculture 3
PGDAEE-415 Quantitative Techniques and Operational Research 3






PGDAEE-402            Advanced Micro Economics Analysis

Methodology and the role of models in economic theory. Theory of consumer behaviour-Demand functions-Theory of production types of production functions-Technical progress-Theory and measurements – Theory of the firm – Recent models of oligopoly and the behaviour of multinational corporations. Welfare Economics including an extended discussion of externalities – Capital theory – Elements of activity analysis.


PGDAEE-403            Advanced Macro Economic Analysis

From Micro-Macro-Model with fixed and variable price levels. Comparison between the classical and the Keynesian macro-model – Monetary and fiscal policy – Consumption function investments theories – Demand for and supply of money – Evidence on the demand for the supply of money in Nigeria, Inflation and unemployment – Inflation in Nigeria trade cycle – Economic growth.


PGDAEE-404            Advanced Agricultural Finance     

A detailed study of the financial requirement of individual farmers and the principles applicable to borrowing farms and cooperative organizations, problems of financing rural developments. Determinants of savings and investment in agricultural development and the financial implications of different type of farm business forms.


PGDAEE-405            Advanced Agricultural Marketing

The possible imperfections in food distributions in the developing countries – The analysis of organizations, cost and performance of markets serving various agricultural consumers – Types of marketing institutions and their suitability for developing countries. Government policies towards agricultural markets and the role of marketing in economic development – International aspect of agric. marketing – The areas of market research and the problems of market management in Nigeria.


PGDAEE-406            Gender issues in Agriculture

Sociology, Economic and related policy perspectives as they relate to rural development. General contribution of women in agriculture – Farm activities involving women. Agricultural cooperatives. Women organizations.


PGDAEE-407            Sociology of Rural Life

General sociological theory, analysis of rural social system and the relation of the individual to his social environment with reference to group processes, interaction, social structure and attitudes.


PGDAEE-408            Data Processing and Research

Hypothesis testing – Statistical design – Statistical decision – Linear and multiple regressions – Index number and time series. Relations and variance testing construction of interview schedule and questionnaire design – Other methods of data collection.


PGDAEE-409            Diffusion of Agricultural Technology

Understanding technological change, basic sociological concepts, technological change and societies, general principles in introducing technological changes, technological change in Nigerian Agricultural development. Ethical consideration in introducing technological change.


PGDAEE-410            Mathematical Application to Econometric

Specifications interpretation and estimation of simultaneous equation models. Non linear models and Bayesian approach to estimating problems. Recent development in economics.


PGDAEE-411            Agric. Extension Technology for Integrated Rural Development

The theories of community, community as a unit of social change, the micro and macro approaches to social changes, dimension of innovations. Approaches to community development. Model of agricultural/Rural development.


PGDAEE-412            Agric. Accounting and Record Keeping

Kinds and functions of farm records and accounts basic principles of accounts, nature and simple farm accounting. Farm planning and analysis farm budgeting, farm records and inventory, the Balance sheet, Journal and ledger. Profit and loss statement preparation, adjusting entries. Problems of organizing and managing farms. Linear programme.


PGDAEE-413            Agric. Projects and Feasibility Analysis

Introduction to project appraisal. Theory, procedure and data requirements for appraisal and evaluation of agricultural projects and programmes, project identification, tools of project analysis; rate of return calculations, cash flow procedures. Farm problems of project evaluation in developing countries.


PGDAEE-414            Computer Application in Agriculture

Introduction to computer application and algorithm development related to agriculture, coding, designing, spread sheet, debugging and documenting programmes; basic principles of interpreting analytical computer results. Programming models inputs analysis and systems analysis to economic problems, use of computer.



PGDAEE415 Quantitative Techniques & Operational Research

Examination of research process in agricultural economics with particular reference to problems of measurement and estimation. Emphasis is placed on analytical tools and their application – Topics to be covered include application of linear programming, transportation models, inventory theory, computer mapping, simulation models and topics in non-linear programming