M. SC. Animal Production and Health

The M.Sc. in animal production and health degree shall consist mainly of taught courses, practical and a project report. All courses including a project seminar shall be offered by all candidates on semester basis. Candidates shall have a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 semesters to complete the course.

Courses Code            Course Title                                                   Credit Unit     Semester

AGR 600        Statistical Method                                                       3          1st

AGR 601        Experimental Designs                                                 3          2nd

AAP 600         M.Sc Thesis Research                                                 20        1st and 2nd

AAP 601         Advanced Ruminant Nutrition                                   3          1st

AAP 608         Advanced Poultry and Swine Production                 3          1st

AAP 610         Advanced Rabbits and Equine Nutrition                  3          1st

AAP 611         Pasture and Range Production                                   3          2nd

AAP 612         Farm Animal Physiology                                            3          1st

AAP 622         The Basics of Computer                                             3          1st

AAP 624         Environmental Physiology                                          3          1st

AAP 627         Seminar                                                                       2          1st and 2nd

AAP 628         Feed Technology                                                        2          2nd

AAP 629         Animal management and Clinical Practices               2          1st

AAP 630         Advanced Veterinary

Microbiology and Immunology                                  3          1st

AAP 631         Veterinary Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine  3         2nd

AAP 632         Advanced Theriogenology                                         2          2nd

AAP 633         Veterinary Systemic Pathology                                  2          2nd

AAP 634         Veterinary Medicine I                                                 2          1st

AAP 635         Veterinary Medicine II                                               2          2nd

AAP 636         Animal Breeding and Genetics for

Animal            Health and Production                                                2          2nd

AAP 637         Computer Applications                                               3          2nd


APGD 612     Dairy and Beef Cattle Products

Classification, distribution and characteristics of breeds of cattle in Nigeria. The dairy & beef industries. Herd establishment. Feeding, housing breeding & health management. Principles of milk production, animal growth and development. The cow-calf, growing and finishing operations. Management of calves, replacement heifers, cows and bulls. Marketing and processing of beef and dairy products.


AAP 604         Protein and Amino Acid Nutrition 3 Credits

Nutritional significance of proteins and amino acids, including studies of the influence of dietary proteins on digestion, absorption, metabolism, resistance to disease and food intake. Studies of dietary requirements and interrelationships among amino acids. Anabolism and catabolism of proteins and amino acids